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Why Newgrowth

The name New Growth Midwifery is based on the image it provokes. Growth, pregnancy and birth go hand in hand. The baby naturally growing inside the mother's womb not only in shape and size, but also has an emotional and spiritual transformation as she learns about herself, her body, her strengths and power. Having a baby contributes to the family and community growth, establishing roots and branches.

New Growth Midwifery has grown over the past years as has my personal respect and amazement of the birth process and all it encompasses. Growth, change, development are the focus and foundation of midwifery.

Honoring birth as a true rite of passage, it's recommended that that expecting mothers use this time to learn, grow strong and build a foundation for the rest of their lives. Childbearing is an amazing time of growth, reflection, strength, change, inspiration, and dreams. The goal is for you to feel safe, supported, nurtured, respected, loved and honored in that time.


"By the time the birth was over, I felt as if Tanja was part of our family"
- Hugo Sena

"I had a traditional ob-gyn and hospital birth for my first daughter. The second time around Tanja was our midwife and the difference between the two experiences was night and day. I felt nurtured and cared for during my prenatal care and incredibly supported during the birth itself. Tanja was able to help my husband be a more active participant in the birth as well. After the birth of my first daughter I had a two or three five minute checkups with the doctor, but after the birth of my second daughter, Tanja visited us repeatedly to make sure we were doing well. She also helped me with breastfeeding when the baby wouldn't latch on to one side and when I had a clogged milk duct. I am so grateful for the role Tanja played in making my second birth such a positive experience." - Rachel Gersh