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About Homebirth

Homebirth is about you having a birth that is best for you and your family. Usually that is your home surrounded and supported by your family and loved ones. Homebirth is safe and the outcomes are better than with hospital delivery for low-risk, pregnant women. The quality and quantity of prenatal care and labor exceeds because it is designed around you and the birth you desire. Each woman has different needs and issues, even from one pregnancy to the next; and they must be heard, respected and acted upon. As your midwife, I take the time to get to know you, establish trust and respect, educate, guide you to empower yourself. You birth best where you feel most confident, comfortable and able to relax in an environment you trust.

What is a Midwife

Midwife, meaning "with woman" is literally that - someone who guides, informs, and supports women and their families through the childbearing years. She provides professional prenatal care, childbirth education, assists with labor and delivery, and cares for the newborn and postpartum transition. Her role is keeping pregnancy and birth natural, safe and normal while providing emotional, spiritual and physical support.

As your midwife, I provide and adhere to a standard schedule of appointments, labs and vitals as with any ob-gyn. The difference is that I will take as much time needed at each visit, usually more then an hour, to assure that a woman remains healthy, low risk and still an appropriate candidate for homebirth—and to know when to refer to proper caregivers if needed. I have protocols developed by the Department of Health that I must follow, assuring that I only work with low risk pregnancies.

To assist in making informed decisions about pregnancy and birth, I will take extra time to go over labs in detail, discuss diet, exercise, changes and development of mother and baby, educate about labor, birth and postpartum, as well as prepare siblings and other family members for change by discussing relationships and fears.

Your midwifery care is personalized, continuous and complete. I, Tanja Bolle, will care for you prenatally as well as be there for you at your birth. This creates a sense of trust, familiarity, support and faith in the natural process. These all relate to the goal for you to have a joyous, positive and safe experience, empowering you and fulfilling your needs.

Pain in Labor

Part of homebirth is keeping the birth normal, natural and unmedicated. When talking about birth, how to deal with pain is the most discussed issue. There are many ways to support a woman through labor without the use of painkillers or epidurals, eliminating their side effects.

It's important is to recognize the connection of pain to fear. Much of the pain in labor relates to tension resulting from unresolved fears. There is no denying that labor and birth are extremely intense and a lot of hard work.

This is when I use my instinct and hands through touch, massage, comforting words and experience to guide you through labor. I also carry a seemingly non-ending bag of tricks such as water, heat, aromatherapy, or food to nourish and relax you. As your midwife I might help you breathe through each contraction, change your position and move you around to keep you more comfortable. Affirmations and visualizations help you know that you can do it. I will let you know that you are a strong and powerful woman able to birth beautifully.

The focus of labor will be positive and encouraging—directing you to the excitement and hope and love of holding your new baby.


The work of a midwife extends far beyond the birth of your baby. During the precious transition from pregnancy to parenthood, I will come almost daily at first to make sure all is going well. Each postpartum visit you and the baby have a thorough exam and all your questions are answered.

Visits generally continue to about six weeks postpartum. With more visits and information, you can help predict and prevent complications. You are not alone to deal with possible issues such as engorgement, jaundice or postpartum depression. I will apply for birth certificates, social security number, paternity statements if necessary and bill insurance.

I assure that you have help and support so you use your time to rest and heal, not having to leave your bed and home until you are ready. I make sure your friends, family and community also know how to support your new family. Your natural parenting instincts are fully encouraged for you to know your own body and baby better than anyone or any test can.

It's the goal of New Growth Midwifery to take the time to process your birth experience with you, together completing the cycle of personalized care.